York Bouquet


Blue tones are so elegant and sophisticated. They add a vintage touch to any home and really have an the ability to instantly calm you. Think of tall, elegant light and electric blue Delphiniums and the bombastic roundness of a large Hydrangea head. I always imagine blue flowers in history as they are so eloquent which is why this bouquet is called York. The capital of our wonderful county Yorkshire.

Complimented with white undertones and foliage to soften the blues, this fabulous bouquet is certainly one to order if you are wanting a more regal bouquet.

This bouquet is available in 4 different sizes, standard, large, deluxe and signature deluxe. Prices start from £40. Please note the photograph illustrates a large bouquet.


Throughout the seasons certain flowers become unavailable. Our team of expert florists will use their knowledge and skills to substitute the bloom for a flower of the same or higher monetary value.

Should you have any specific requirements regarding flower content, delivery or price then please call our team on 01937 585233.